Speaking Confidentially: 20 October 1997

Boring and sweaty

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treeBoring Day

Putting away summer clothes for winter and anticipating six months of stockings is maybe my least favorite activity in fall. Not opening the slider first thing out of the shower every morning. Remembering a jacket. Not walking barefoot. Oh well. Spring will come.

But I can't find the short black skirt that is a winter wardrobe mainstay and I have to re-hem the short houndstooth that is my other mainstay. Let's see how long I can outfit myself without them.

Did anything interesting happen yesterday? I made the bus. I worked. It was cold so I didn't go out during lunch. I went to class.

Then I went to the gym, where I achieved a greater number of floors on the LifeStep than I did when I was a stair machine maniac at C&A.

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