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Breathing Stuffed Animals

Written early January 1997. This short tale straddles the hazy line between story and autobiographical essay. The last line pleases me excessively: it sums up the theme and is witty and, strictly speaking, I didn't write it. I typed it, but I didn't have to craft it. Herein lies a spark of inspiration, which is gratifying. My favorite, but first only because alphabetically so.


29 December 1998 about an incident in the summer of 1992.

8 June 1996

Written 8 January 1997. Autobiographical and recent. Such a treat.


More RRP's story than my own, and more an aside than a story.

How I Was Very Tall

Written 9 January 1997. Another autobiographical childhood story. I took Anne Lamott and others' advice: write about your childhood, because everyone has done something crazy and this is material.

How Not to Pee for Fourteen Hours

Written 29 January 1997. Autobiographical of course but at least in this one I've hit the four-foot mark.

How to Close the Hood of a Car

Griping and superiority rather than story-telling, spank me.

I'm Three, I'm Three

So young to know my own mind so clearly.

Jack the BeStalker

Were your relatives straight out of a fairy-tale?

St. Elmo's Fire

You know who you are. No stalking.

Where I hang my bracelet

More a reflection than a story or essay.

Who Died?

PLT's favorite story about me.

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