Speaking Confidentially: 19 October 1997

Peaceful Sunday

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Sunday morning began as it usually does, with "CBS Sunday Morning." But I finally made cinnamon and sugar so for the first time in months and months I had cinnamon toast for breakfast. Sigh. Then I toyed with the scanner, adding a photograph to the story of the nuptials and doing some stuff for work. I couldn't get a connection, though, and wasn't quite bright enough to think of going through DU. So no mail and no posting. Oops.


When HAO arrived, around noon, she sampled my cookies and we shared whatever vital information we had to and settled down to watch a taped "Northern Exposure." She says she has most of them on tape already, but she had never seen this episode, which introduces One Who Waits. I love Ed. Ed and Chris. HAO thinks that if you combined them with Joel, you'd have the perfect man, but I disagree. How does Joel possibly improve them? She says he's appealing despite himself. I countered that yeah, you could add Holling's QID sex drive and Maurice's wealth to Ed's sweetness and simplicity and Chris's philosophizing and appearance, but Joel? I'd rather have the moose. Well, we disagree about men anyway.

We took a long walk, doing the usual stretch of the Highline Canal Trail and continuing south to where the Cherry Creek trail joins it. And talked. Physically and emotionally, the walk was a good thing.


Home again, the three of us discussed dinner. Taco Bell or Le Central? Neither: we were going to have salad and ravioli, as usual. HAO and I set out for Taco Bell and BB and then turned back because the wind had picked up and we needed additional garb. "Plus we could drive," I offered. "Environmental HYPOCRISM is my specialty," she agreed. She'd brought flannel pants and I put on jeans and we set out again, this time getting a little farther before she remembered, "We were going to drive."

But we didn't turn around again and walked the whole quarter mile to the Taco Bell, which this time I entered. Usually I wait on the curb for her. So I can no longer claim I have never entered such a franchise which never meant anything anyway, as I could have bought from a drive-through. I still haven't.


The other end of Sunday television happened with dinner and dessert, "60 Minutes" and "The Simpsons" (a particularly good one, with Homer and Marge singing "Those Were the Days," the "All in the Family" theme) and "King of the Hill," then eschewing "The X-Files" for "Scream." Much as I did while watching "Re-Animator" (which I secretly loved) and "Nightmare on Elm Street" with my principal instructor in the slasher genre, PLT, I announced approximately every ten minutes, "I'm not liking this." "Halloween" I saw with my parents somehow--how can that have been, in the days before there was a VCR in every pot and when they wouldn't've brought me to it in a theatre? Maybe at my father's house when he had HBO? I guess.

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