Speaking Confidentially

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Speaking confidentially
the fire that burns inside of me
has turned to ash the tortured tree
that grows beside the anguished sea
Speaking confidentially.

Speaking metaphorically
the earth I trust beneath my feet
is moving now ever so slightly
I shift my feet but feel no relief
Speaking metaphorically

Speaking hypothetically
if the air you breathed was so unique
would you use it up to idly speak
or horde it for a rainy week
Speaking hypothetically

Speaking kind of cryptically
the sea that raged beside the tree
burning bright for all to see
it just might mean the most to me
Speaking kind of cryptically

Cowboy Junkies, "Speaking Confidentially"
Lay It Down, Geffen, 1996

I chose this for my journal's title mostly because a journal kept on the web is not confidential, and since in writing it I contradict the principles I laid forth to keep it by and also because I contradict the last thing I say everytime I say the next thing I say, a contradictory title seemed appropriate.

Also a Cowboy Junkies title is appropriate because as long as their next effort is stronger than Miles from Our Home and they deign to tour somewhere in my general vicinity, they are my favorite band.

Besides, this song names the four usual ways I do speak. If there were a lyric about speaking contradictorily, it'd be perfect. But "contradictorily," even if I didn't just make it up, doesn't fit the cadence. Pity.

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