Speaking Confidentially: 3 November 1997

What a lot of drivel

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treeBad Hair Eon

My hair falls out a lot. It grows back, so right now I'm not afraid of going bald, but I certainly don't have any smooth thick mane of flowing hair either. Denver's aridity, a lack of some certain mineral in my diet, my age, I don't know why, but it does. Enough of it is not the full length that my braid is no longer as thick as it once was, and worse, I cannot braid it to the tips because locks escape out the sides. And I can't make a smooth tidy bun with my pin, as had been my wont for most of the time my hair has been long.

(RDC bought me a silver hair pin at a Ren fair the first weekend we were going out. Partly because he wanted to buy me a present, partly because he wanted to encourage me to grow my hair as long as I then aspired--to my waist. That twisted silver pin was the most useful and lovely thing I've ever had for my hair. I lost it at my lake when I was home the summer of 1996, and there is no other location or occasion I could have borne the loss. There and then, I had balance.

I called the jeweler and he made me a new pin, but this one is longer, with a larger stone, and in the interim between pins I cut off about six inches of hair, so my chignons are no longer the graceful easy things of yesteryear. Sigh.)

In addition to thinner, elfin braids and unwilling chignons, the hair at my brow detaches from whatever restraint I attempt (braid or barrette) and becomes a fringe. Unfortunately, I don't look like Moominmaiden with this fringe. During our Glacier trip, I tied a rolled bandana around my head, because otherwise my hair whipped around my face in a way you wouldn't want to drive through.

So today I finally decided my fringe would be deliberate; HAO thinks it is sexy. Some people can get away with a wild and blowsy mane; on me I think it looks messy. When I went to Frank's salon before my mother's wedding, two things of import occurred: my stylist tamed my fringe into appealing tendrils and I decided that when I am next home I will let Frank cut my hair short again, as it is meant to be. In the meantime, tendrils.

A little bit o' glaze to help the strands hold together as tendrils instead of fly off independently as frizz is as much effort as I am willing to make. Hair should not be permanently straightened or curled or colored or bleached. All those unnecessary chemicals. Lisa, Empress of the Universe, has spoken.

So today I have spent a lot of time pushing my tendrils out of my face. But maybe this way I can accustom myself to bangs, which I might wear again with short hair. Or to any hair in my face, which I might do in the interim cuts I'll have between now, when my hairs falls (when I let it, which isn't often) to the middle of my back, and June, when it will be chopped off higher than my ears, as is right and proper. Hurrah!

treeMoominsummer Madness

Does anyone else do this? I color coordinate M&Ms. (I have not claimed to be sane for some years now.) But the colors don't coordinate as well now.

Of course, I wished for purple when they introduced a new color a few years back, but I didn't know they'd kill off light brown in the new color's favor. I think, but I don't remember, that M&M/Mars only introduced light brown when it had to stop red for a while. I do know that pale brown was the yummiest color. I remember red coming back. And I remember the poll about the new color, but I didn't participate, which is why the new color is blue. There are few naturally blue foods; the only one I've ever been able to think of, besides live crabs, is blueberries. So when I first saw a blue M&M, I was disenthralled.

Color-coordinating them began when I first bought a pound bag of M&Ms and took their census. I was maybe 13, when the Green M&M on Thursday rumor was strongest. The fastest way to determine proportion was to group them in fives: dark brown, pale brown, orange, yellow, green. Years later, when red came back, it took its place in the line-up: dark brown, pale brown, red, orange, yellow, green. That blue, though. It doesn't go with the green at all. Well, neither would purple have. But it'd've been purple.

What a lot of drivel.

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