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Darryl Stephen King SNL


The other brother Darryl was a character on one of Bob Newhart's sitcoms, the one that took place in a New Hampshire Inn. Gratuitous disclaimer: I didn't watch this program but somewhere along the line I picked up the grotty handyman (?) introducing his family to Bob: "This is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl," or something. Basically the cast of "Deliverance" transplanted to New England. Darryls and their brothers seem unable to close the hoods of cars.

Stephen King

Yeah, so I read Stephen King in my misspent youth. I notice that references to him, his books, and his poor writing come up now and again in my site. So I want to clear the air: I used to like him a lot, and then later in high school I began to read (somewhat) more critically and so my fervor lapsed. He has a fertile, if febrile and fetid, imagination; a lot of people who would not otherwise read, do read him, though not many go on to read other authors or other genres or other not-genres; he is in enough demand that he doesn't bother with Voltaire's apology to a friend, approximately: "I am sorry for the length of this letter, I had no time to make it shorter."

I told RDC once about an article I read enumerating the ways in which King has killed off his characters. He said that sounded like Bubba describing all the ways to cook shrimp in "Forrest Gump."


I don't remember what the skit meant to spoof but it featured people (coming out of a theatre?) in NYC with glazed eyes, saying, "It was much better than 'Cats.' I would see it again and again and again."

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