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An on-line journal?

No. After discovering Open Pages, I did mull over the idea of an on-line journal but finally rejected it. There are several reasons:

§ In my journals I write what I think, straight. My gut reaction, my paper therapist, my best outlet. Thus what I write is often wrong, either factually, or, commonly, grammatically, or, upon later reflection, emotionally or however. I don't want my hasty, ill-thought out, and irate blurtings made public, for my own and others' sakes.

§ I make far too many private references that I don't want to take the time to explain: my journals are my journals, not published memoirs, and I don't require myself to explain every aside and allusion.

§ Tracing my vituperations to the actual dramatis personae is too easy.

§ Some members of Open Pages use pseudonyms, some request that if the reader knows the writer in person to keep out, some censor themselves so others won't censure their writing. None of these options is acceptable to me.

§ Watch me contradict myself.


§ I refer to my place of employ as Dot Org, which is a coy but ineffectual disguise.

§ I always claim I'm not going to talk about my mother and then I do anyway. I hate this but she is a good source of stories.

§ I will not remove the post from my own eye before I snicker, deride, and disdain the mote in yours.

Deal with it.

I am not about to link to people every time I refer to them. You can look in the Friends pages if you want some background. Any problem of idiolect or other perversions of speech, look in Griping. Otherwise, check the tedia.

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Last modified: 23 October 1999

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